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Monday, 22 February 2016

Hey people, how you all doing? Today's post will have some interesting facts about the history of flying broomsticks.

Did you know –
★ The cushioning charm, which makes flying on broomsticks much more comfortable, was invented by Elliot Smethwyck in 1820.

★ The first ever Atlantic broom crossing was achieved by Jocunda Sykes in 1935, on an Oakshaft 79 broom.

★ The popular Cleansweep broom company was started by the brothers Bob, Bill, and Barnaby Ollerton in 1926.

★ In 1955 Universal Brooms Ltd. introduced the Shooting Star, which is the cheapest racing broom to date.

For more such amazing facts, buy your copy of Quidditch through the ages by Kennilworthy Whisp ( actually it's written by JK Rowling herself )