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Monday, 7 March 2016

History of The Golden Snitch

Hey guys! Thanks a lot for visiting my blog. The Golden Snitch is perhaps the most important ball in a game of quidditch. Have you ever wondered what's the history of the Golden Snitch?

Earlier, a very swift and dexterous bird called the Golden Snidget was used. A single player ( called The Hunter) had the job of capturing it. The team to first capture the Snidget was awarded 150 points. However, the birds were often killed in this process. The number of Snidgets became so less that a law was passed banning the killing of Snidgets. Thus, they could no longer be used in the quidditch.

The invention of the Golden Snitch is credited to the wizard Bowman Wright of Godric’s Hollow. While Quidditch teams all over the country tried to find bird substitutes for the Snidget, Wright, who was a skilled metal-charmer, set himself to the task of creating a ball that mimicked the behaviour and flight patterns of the Snidget.

That he succeeded perfectly is clear from the many rolls of parchment he left behind him on his death (now in the possession of a private collector), listing the orders that he had received from all over the country.

 The Golden Snitch, as Bowman called his invention, was a walnut-sized ball exactly the weight of a Snidget. Its silvery wings had rotational joints like the Snidget’s, enabling it to change direction with the lightning speed and precision of its living model.

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